On 16th of July, 2020, there will be webinar “Managing or dealing with stress?” organized by project MODEST.

Webinar will be lead by Roman Kupriyanov, Associate Professor, PhD in Psychology (Kazan National Research Technological University (Kazan, Russia).

The webinar will focus on differences between “distress” and “eustress”, assessment of personal stress levels and strategies of stress management.

Globalization and digitalization of modern world lead to a transformation in the global society. COVID-19 outbreak accelerated this process. Involuntary lockdown lead to a transfer of the social life into the virtual environment. While the number of real-life contacts decreased, virtual communication without borders grew significantly. A drastic change in the daily routine resulted in stress reactions thus setting new challenges to get adapted to new realities. Therefore, the forthcoming webinar is of a particular interest.

Language: English/Russian.

The webinar will take place on July 16, at 2 pm (Riga time) on Zoom platform.

If you are interested in this webinar, please sign on the list here until 15.07.

The University of Latvia is a leading partner of the MODEST project.

The Erasmus+ MODEST project aims at modernization of doctoral education in Science in European countries and Armenia, Belarus, and Russia. A wider project objective is to enhance cooperation capacities of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) of Partner Countries in the field of Doctoral Studies within European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and European Research Area (ERA).