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Exhibition of works by Sanita Čevere and Anda Lase at the Library at Kalpaka Boulevard
UL Library

As from 16 November, 2016, the Library at Kalpaka Boulevard 4 will host exhibition ”Nature/Borders” by Sanita Čevere and Anda Lase. The sculptures of Sanita Čevere and graphics of Anda Lase search for the sometimes subtle and incomprehensible borders and wonder: are there any borders in nature without the presence of a human?

Sanita’s works tell a story about the divine in a woman, about her power of subconsciousness under the influence full moon. Horns in her sculptural works do not mean betrayal, they symbolize Isida, the Ancient Egypt goddess of fertility, water and wind, womanhood and family-oriented faithfulness.

Sanita says:- ”Woman in her nature can be a man and vice versa. There are no borders in a human nature. In the same way the human fantasy is unlimited, but people always find creativity  in them to work out new and absurd borders or, conversely, to step over and decline thousand year old traditions.”

The time Anda Lase spent in the United Kingdom with its fences and crossbars resulted in joyful inspiration and repulse to fencing efforts and transformed into a touch of crazy nature of British black humour. The author proposes: when you face a border, do not cover, but just smile.

Sanita Čevere has graduated from the Latvia University, faculty of Sociology, and the Latvia Academy of Art sculpture department Bachelor programs. Sanita has participated with her sculptures and ceramics in group exhibitions in Riga and a solo exhibition outside Riga. Since 2000, a member of LU TLMS ”VĀPE”. Anda Lase has graduated from the Latvia University, faculty of Education, Psychology and Art. With her ceramic works she has participated in group exhibitions in Latvia and St. Petersburg. Works are included in private collections in Latvia and abroad. Since 1998, a member of  LU TLMS ”VĀPE”.