Master's Study Programme “Psychology”

The programme’s accreditation date is until June 21, 2025


The aim of the study programme:

To develop and improve practical skills, as well as to increase the level of students' theoretical knowledge acquisition understanding  the science of psychology in order to obtain a professional master's degree and a psychologist's specialization in one of the psychologist's professional fields of activity:

  1. clinical and health psychology
  2. educational and school psychology
  3. work and organizational psychology
  4. legal psychology.


  1. To ensure the acquisition of professional skills and abilities necessary for the work of a psychologist in accordance with the standard requirements of the psychologist's profession.
  2. To facilitate the ability to apply and critically evaluate different methods of psychological assessment, counseling and psychotherapy.
  3. To promote the implementation of high standards of professional ethics.
  4. To promote the ability to understand, compare and critically evaluate different theories of psychology.
  5. To advance the ability to analyze the regularities of the science of psychology, the interaction between biological, psychological and social processes.
  6. To promote the ability to develop scientifically creative and independent psychological research in accordance with the basic research principles.

Director of the study program

Full time – 2 years (4 semesters)
Tuition fee per year: full-time – 2150 EUR
For admission in the autumn semester of 2023 of full-time studies – 14 budget places
Professional master's degree in psychology

General conditions

Previous education: bachelor's degree in psychology.

Competition grade calculation formula: the average mark (25 x 10 = 250), in order to enter the programme the average mark must be at least ‘6’ + bachelor's thesis mark (25 x 10 = 250) in order to to enter the programme the average mark is not less than ‘6’ + English entrance examination (25 x 10 = 250) to enter the programme, the grade must be at least 4 + entrance examination - interview (25 x 10 = 250) in order to enter the programme, the grade must be at least 4. Additional condition for the entrance examination: an essay on study motivation and choice of sub-branch and a description of work and life (CV) must be submitted.

The right for out-of-competition registration: in 2022/2023 academic year for the graduates of the LU bachelor's study programme ‘Psychology’ and for the graduates of the professional higher education bachelor study programme ‘Psychology’, for which the evaluation of the bachelor's thesis is not lower than 9 (excellent) and the average mark in the bachelor's studies is not lower than 8.