Doctoral Study Programme ‘Psychology’

The programme’s accreditation date is untill June 21, 2025.

The doctoral study programme ‘Psychology’ offers studies in the following sub-branch of psychology: general / cognitive psychology; developmental psychology; social psychology / organizational psychology; clinical psychology; clinical psychology with a course - cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. The doctoral student has the opportunity to apply not only to carry out a research in a certain sub-branch of psychology, but also in the interdisciplinary - branch of psychology and education management - doctoral school ‘Development of individuals, groups and organizations under the influence of psychological, educational and social factors’.

The aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified scientists and lecturers in various fields of psychology (general / cognitive, clinical, developmental, social / organizational psychology), promoting their research work organization, management and implementation of skills based on a deeper understanding of psychology theory and methodology in at least two psychology sub-branches, the ability to cooperate with specialists in their field on a Latvian and international scale, and developing an original scientific research - doctoral thesis, on the defense of which an internationally comparable doctoral degree in psychology - Ph.D. for doctoral students in the field of clinical psychology, the programme offers an additional specialization in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) research, such specialization is only in doctoral studies at the University of Latvia among the Baltic States. The specialization is implemented in cooperation with the Latvian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association.

Tasks of the programme:

  1. to promote scientific research in the sub-branches of psychology represented in the programme;
  2. to ensure the acquisition of skills necessary for the research, academic and professional work;
  3. to promote mutual, Latvian and international cooperation of doctoral students in the field of research;
  4. to promote doctoral students' personal growth and motivation for lifelong learning.

Programme’s director p.i.:

prof. Ivars Austers

Doktorantūras padomes zinātniskā sekretāre

By graduating the doctoral study programme in psychology, doctoral students acquire the following knowledge, skills, and competencies:

Knowledge - understanding of the general development trends and regularities of modern psychological science and in-depth knowledge in the chosen field of specialization.

Skills - to develop and implement an original research, critically evaluate its results in the format of a doctoral thesis, to prepare and publish scientific articles on the results of the research and to present them at conferences.

Competencies - necessary for independent performance of scientific and academic work in the context of modern science.

Full-time – 3 years (6 semesters) Part-time – 4 years (8 semesters)  
Tuition fee – 2134 EUR;
Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in Psychology

Master's degree in psychology or equivalent higher education diploma.

In the entrance examination, the candidates are ranked according to the total number of points obtained. Ranking results are used, including candidates for budget positions.

Admission criteria 

Doctoral research project in psychology 

The discussions are based on the submitted doctoral research project. During the interview, the applicant's communication skills in English are also tested.