The joint academic bachelor's program "Biotechnology and Bioengineering" of the University of Latvia (LU) and Riga Technical University (RTU) gives students the opportunity to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of biotechnology and bioengineering, to acquire skills in equipment and process design, product development. Studies take place in modern auditoriums and laboratories at the University of Warsaw and RTU, as well as during the study process there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the practical organization of work in companies.


The aim of the study program is to prepare highly qualified specialists and scientists who are able to compete in both the local and international scientific labor market in various fields of biotechnology and bioengineering.


As part of the programme students study such study courses as biological systems design, information technology, chemistry, biophysics, genetics, genomics, material learning, microbiology, entrepreneurship, cell and genetic engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering.

Graduates of the program have the opportunity to work in scientific laboratories of universities and institutes, in existing companies (in the fields of food, agriculture, medicine, waste processing, etc.) or to create their own startups. Biotechnology and bioengineering is an interesting and dynamically growing field that continues to create new job opportunities.

Perspectives for pursuing further studies

Graduates of the study program "Biotechnology and Bioengineering" are awarded a Natural Sciences Bachelor's degree in Biology, which allows for pursuing studies in natural science master's programs in Latvia and abroad. Several substantive follow-up master's study programs are offered by universities in Latvia, enabling the in-depth and specialized enhancement of the knowledge gained during bachelor's studies, such as the University of Latvia's master's program in "Biology" and "Chemistry," Riga Technical University's master's program in "Materials Science and Nanotechnology," "Chemistry and Chemical Technology," as well as related study programs offered by other universities.

3 years - 6 semesters, 120 CP, 180 ECTS  
EU and EEA citizens tuition fee per year - 2700 EUR, others- 3200 EUR
For admission in the autumn semester of 2023 is 6 budget-funded places.
Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Biology

General conditions

Admission Requirements for the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Program

Previous education: secondary education

Competition criteria for persons who have acquired secondary education from 2004:

Version 1: CE in Latvian language; CE in English or CE in French, or CE in German; CE in mathematics*; CE in biology is taken into account only in cases when it has been taken; average score of all CEs passed by the person.

Version 2: CE in Latvian language; CE in English or CE in French, or CE in German; CE in mathematics*; CE in biology; average score of all CEs passed by the person.

* For persons who have completed secondary education before 2008, the centralized examination (CE) in mathematics may be replaced by the annual grade in mathematics indicated in the secondary education document (or the average grade in algebra and geometry)

Competition criteria for persons who have completed secondary education up to 2004 (excluding), as well as for those who have acquired secondary education abroad, or persons with special needs:

annual average grade in Latvian language and literature

annual grade in biology or mathematics (or average grade in algebra and geometry)

annual average grade in mandatory subjects

Special conditions: the secondary education document must have a passing (not lower than 4) annual grade in physics, chemistry and mathematics (algebra, geometry);

Additional points: The participants of UL School of Young Chemists in 2023, who have received a certificate, obtain additional 20 points;

Advantages: to the 1st–3rd stage and diploma winners of Latvian National or International Biology Olympiads in 2022 and 2023, or to the 1st–3rd stage winners of the 45th Scientific Research Conference of Latvian Secondary School Students in the field of biology in 2022 and 2023.