Male and female student corporations in Latvia belong to an old academic tradition rooted in Western Europe, which dates back to the 14th century, when university students came together on the basis of geographic or national principle, and later, according to common interests or study specialty. The majority of Latvian male and female student corporations were founded with the establishment of the University of Latvia, and then, as well as today, the activities of these organizations are consonant with the University of Latvia. Today, the corporations are still guided by the principles enshrined in their goals and mottos, they advocate for Latvian culture, traditions and values, encourage the academic and personal development of each member. Corporations are lifelong organizations, which means that they present the opportunity to meet both fellow students and graduate professionals and specialists of various fields. Corporations provide ample opportunities for self improvement, meaningful leisure time and experience which cannot be found elsewhere. In order to get to know the corporations and learn about the opportunities to get involved, everyone is welcome to attend visitor evenings of each corporation, which take place at the beginning of each semester. More information about corporations: for male students –, for female students –, the dates of visitor evenings can be found in each corporation's homepage and social networks. Female student corporationsMale student corporationsAcademic units  Student fraternities