Public Health

Ergonomics at work. Occupational health

Ergonomics research combining and applying different knowledge and skills to improve the interaction between people and technology in the workplace. Occupational health research to assess and reduce risks in the working environment, to develop and implement appropriate protective measures and procedures, and to ensure the health and safety of workers.

Ženija Roja

Human vision and vision disorders

Research on the human eye and the visual structures that enable people to perceive the world around them, as well as how vision is changing as modern technology enters our daily lives. Visual impairment in children and adults, ways of correcting it and solutions to problems. Reducing visual function disorders and discomfort, developing methods for visual training.

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Vision screening

The development of vision screenings for pre-school and school-aged children, as well as for adults, to detect vision problems at earlier stage. Vision screenings for preventive measures.

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Application and evaluation of the efficiency of vision training

Application of vision training in cases of various vision disorders and vision-related disorders, as well as improvement of vision functions, for example, application of relaxing vision exercises for computer users, development of new methods (or equipment) of vision relaxation and improvement; application of vision exercises to improve the performance of athletes.

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Public Health, Healthcare Science

Expertise in health management and health informatics

In-depth analysis of the sources, structure, quality of routinely collected data (administrative data, disease registers, etc.) in Latvian healthcare systems. Data analysis for the development of a system of quality and efficiency indicators of the healthcare process and outcomes. Cardiovascular disease process and outcome studies, drug self-administration studies, health expenditure studies, calculation of indices of total disease burden for population subsets (Charlson, etc. indices).

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