Degree to be achieved: Master of Natural Sciences in Physics
Duration of studies: 2 years
Type of studies: Full time
Amount of credits: 80 credit points or 120 ECTS
European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level: Level 7
International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) level: Level 7
Language of instruction: English
Accreditation: the program is accredited until 05.10.2029.


Tuition fee 

Tuition fee per year - 2900 EUR. EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and EU long-term resident status holders can compete for a state-financed study place.

The aim of the master’s study programme “Physics” is to prepare highly qualified and internationally competitive master-level physics specialists for the labour market, providing an opportunity to specialise in sub-disciplines of physics specific to Latvia with high research and innovation potential and stimulating the acquisition of interdisciplinary competence during studies. University of Latvia offers specializations in solid state and material physics, physics of continuous media, atomic, molecular and optical physics, theoretical physics as well as a list of interdisciplinary courses related to quantum computing, physical chemistry, etc. The program is organized in collaboration with Daugavpils University (located in Daugavpils, Latvia), which offers the specialization in technology physics.

Tasks of the study programme
1) To encourage students to develop as professionals in the field by providing the opportunity to complement the knowledge and skills acquired in the BSc programme in their chosen specialisation in physics.
2) To give students the opportunity to gain experience in independent research under the guidance of a supervisor.
3) To enhance students' scientific research skills and competence in analysing research problems.
4) To develop students' critical and creative thinking, reasoning and decision-making skills, and the ability to apply acquired knowledge and competences in physics and interdisciplinary research.
5) Ensure flexibility of the restricted elective part of the study programme in line with labour market requirements.
6) Ensure effective and monitorable delivery of the planned programme results.
7) To create the conditions for graduates to successfully pursue studies at doctoral level.

Career opportunities

Already during study time most students get involved in research projects and are employed by one of the research labs and institutes of the University of Latvia or innovative companies. After graduation, you can continue your academic growth in doctoral studies or immediately enter the labour market. Our graduates are in high demand for doctoral studies both at the University of Latvia and abroad. 

Explore the wide and varied work opportunities in the graph showing the information about the career progress after graduating from the programme

More information about study programme and Study plan 

ERASMUS+ exchange possibilities

UL full-time students, regardless of their citizenship, have the opportunity to apply for the ERASMUS + exchange program for studies or/and traineeship.  

More information:

ERASMUS + study mobility 
ERASMUS + traineeship moblity  

Admission requirements

  1. A bachelor's degree or a second level professional higher education (or equivalent higher education) in physics, mathematics OR a bachelor's degree or second level professional higher education (or equivalent higher education) in natural sciences or engineering and successfully completed study courses in the field of physics (not less than 5 credit points (8 ECTS)) and study courses in the field of mathematics (not less than 4 credit points (6 ECTS)). 
  2. The average grade in study courses must be 60% of the maximum. 
  3. English language proficiency.

Enrolment criteria (for students competing for the state-financed study place)

1. The finals total (or average) grade of undergraduate studies (40%);
2. The grade point average of undergraduate studies (60%);
Please note! Only EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and EU long-term resident status holders can compete for a state-financed study place.

As a part of the admission process applicants will be asked to participate in an online interview. 

Autumn Intake (application start: 02 Jan 2024; studies start in Sept 2024)



Contact person for more information

Coordinator of the Programme                

Dārta Antāne 

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry

UL House of Science, Jelgavas iela 3, Riga, LV-1004

The programme has been developed within the framework of the project "Design of Internationally Competitive Study Programmes Promoting the Development of the National Economy of Latvia at the University of Latvia" (project No. / 18 / A / 015).