The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia (UL) is a scientific institution in which the realities and history of philosophy, cultural and societal developments are studied. The activities of the Institute include the development and publication of scientific books and articles, the preparation of scientific journals, participation in scientific conferences and seminars, popular science events and discussions, the conduct of sociological studies, the development and realisation of scientific projects.


The Institute was founded in 1981 as Latvia Academy of Sciences Philosophy and Law Institute, transformed into Latvia Academy of Sciences Philosophy and Sociology Institute, then into University of Latvia Philosophy and Sociology Institute. Since April 1, 2006 Institute carried the name University of Latvia Agency – academic institute (LU FSI), but since 01.01.2016 the name of the institution is Institute of philosophy and sociology, University of Latvia.

Fields of Research

LU Institute of Philosophy and Sociology conducts research in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. Research work is organized within two thematic spheres – philosophy and sociology.

Themes of Philosophical Research:

  • Research into the history of Latvian philosophical thought and ideas
  • Research into the contemporary Western philosophical trends, translation of classic works
  • Philosophy of religion and academic study of religions

Themes of Social Science Research:

  • Ethnopolitics, ethnic relations, migration and social integration
  • Youth and education research
  • Social exclusion and deviant behaviour (use of addictive substances, prevention)
  • Oral history, making use of its resources in analysing social and identity processes in contemporary culture
  • Cross-national comparative sociological research and research methodology


Dr. habil. phil. Maija Kūle