The Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia (UL) was founded to develop research in the fields of oncology and preventive oncology, as well as tuberculosis and septicemia; to carry out organised pilot studies to optimize cancer screening, and to carry out a unique population study in Europe for gastrointestinal cancer prevention (GISTAR). The Institute develops common patients’ with tumours and other patients’ biobanks intended to be part of the National Biobank structure. Workplaces for doctoral students, post-doctoral scientists and other new scientists are created on the basis of the Institute. Residents and students are attracted to research work. The Institute cooperates closely with Latvian research and medical institutions, private sector, as well as with the leading research institutions in the Baltic region, Europe, the United States of America and Asia. The Institute's activities are interdisciplinary.

The Institute carries out research in the following directions:

  • the field of public health and disease prevention;
  • population studies;
  • screening and intervention studies;
  • clinical medicine sectors, including oncology, microbiome and infection research (septicemia, tuberculosis, etc.), internal medicine and surgical pathology, laboratory medicine and visual diagnosis, as well as other natural sciences.


Dr. med. Mārcis Leja