The mission of the Institute for Mechanics of Materials of the University of Latvia (IMM UL) is internationally competitive high-quality scientific research in mechanics of materials, structural mechanics and material sciences, including the use of skills acquired in the fields of mechanics of polymers and related fields of science, as well as in all-level student training, and in the innovation and technology transfer provided on scientific basis.

The studies carried out in the Institute meet the defined priority of the Cabinet of Ministers (Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers Order No. 551 adopted on 20 November 2013) “Innovative and advanced materials, smart technologies (multi-functional materials and composite materials, nanotechnologies and photonics, computing, computer science, information and communications technologies, signal processing technologies)” for funding of fundamental and applied research in 2014–2017.

Research carried out by the Institute is part of the field of the Smart Specialisation Strategy – “Smart materials, technologies and engineering systems”.

The Institute carries out complex research in the following directions of mechanics of materials, structural mechanics and material sciences:

  • study of deformation processes, including long-term ones;
  • studies of mechanical integrity of materials;
  • applications of modern materials in mechanical engineering and construction;
  • calculations of composite material structures;
  • impact of external environmental factors on the mechanical properties of materials, including nanomaterials;
  • physical methods in structural studies in the mechanics of materials;
  • methods for forecasting long-term properties;
  • non-destructive test methods;
  • composite and nanomaterial technology studies.


Egils Plūme