UL Riga First Medical College (UL RFMC) provides a high quality health care education that is required in the labour market.

The beginning of the college is linked to 1902, when the midwifery school was established in Riga. Over time, both the names of the educational establishment and the number of study programmes have changed. From 1 July 2019, the college has successfully continued as the agency of University of Latvia. 

UL RFMC is the only professional educational institution in Latvia where the qualifications of a dental technician, carer as well as midwife can be obtained.

The college study process is as close as possible to the real working environment: future pharmacist assistants are practicing in a college pharmacy model; assistant practitioners strengthen professional skills in an emergency car model equipped with the most advanced technologies; dental technicians use three-dimensional CAD CAM technologies in toothpick; dentist assistants learn the basics of the foursome work in pre-wedding cabinetry. Midwives, nurses, nursing assistants and carers have their first practical experience in simulation-based studies, with modern manipulation patterns and care facilities. College teachers are professionals as well as practitioners in the health industry.

The college works with more than 200 institutions, providing places of internship for all students. Studies at UL RFMC is funded by the State budget. The College implements Erasmus+ for students and staff mobility.

Director Inta Miķele