The department plans, manages and coordinates the University of Latvia (UL) communication and marketing activities, promotes technology transfer and innovation. Its duties also encompass maintenance and update of the UL portal and social networking account content, creating news releases and marketing materials about the UL, informing the media about the UL news, and documenting the most important events. The department carries out media monitoring, organizes and prepares answers to journalists' questions, coordinates voicing the opinion of the UL in the media. The department develops and implements student admission campaigns, coordinates the communication activities of the faculties, advises the UL staff regarding communication issues. The department develops and maintains a uniform the UL visual identity, orders presentation materials (souvenirs), accepts third-party advertisements and ensures their placement. Planning and implementation of the activities that promote the UL both in Latvia and abroad, as well as coordinating the content of the UL media – Radio NABA, KiviTV, Mansmedijs, Alma Mater, and others form a significant part of department’s responsibilities. The department collects information on technology transfer and innovation products at the UL, assists in communication with potential investors and partners.