Professional Bachelor Study Program "Primary Education Teacher"

The program is licensed.

The study program will ensure the preparation of qualified specialists, who will promote the implementation of a competence-based approach in the study process in pre-school and the first stage of basic education in the 1st-6th grades. The program envisages the acquisition of both academic knowledge about the child's development in both pre-school and primary school stages, as well as professional skills necessary for the work of a pre-school and primary school teacher. The program provides successive and integrated acquisition of knowledge and skills that enhance the teacher's professionalism and competence. The program emphasizes an integrated approach to the acquisition of educational content in both pre-school and primary school, which fully corresponds to the latest trends in competence education.

The aim of the program is to ensure the training of qualified specialists based on the principle of succession in the education of children in pre-school and primary school, providing an opportunity to professionally acquire the competencies necessary for both pre-school and primary school teachers.


The place of the implementation of the programme:

  • Riga (Full-time or part-time attendance)
  • Branches (Part-time attendance)

Director of the study program

Graduates of the program have a wide range of job opportunities - graduates can work in pre-school educational institutions, general education schools in the 1st - 3rd grades of primary school or 1st - 6th grades and in interest education. Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to continue their education in the professional bachelor's study program "Teacher", acquiring the selected study courses to obtain the right to teach the corresponding subject at school, as well as to study in master's level study programmes, obtaining a master's degree in education.

Full-time - 8 semesters (4 years); Part-time attendance - 9 semesters (4.5 years)  
Tuition fee per year: Full-time attendance - 2200 EUR; Part-time attendance - 1950 EUR (including in branches)
30 budget places for full-time admission in the autumn semester of 2023
Professional Bachelor's degree in teacher education and teacher's qualification

General conditions

Secondary education

Competition criteria for persons who have acquired secondary education from 2004:

  • CE in Latvian language
  • CE in English or CE in French, or CE in German, or CE in Russian
  • CE in mathematics*
  • Average score of all CE passed by the person

* For persons who have completed secondary education before 2008, the centralized examination (CE) in mathematics may be replaced by the annual grade in mathematics indicated in the secondary education document (or the average grade in algebra and geometry)

Competition criteria for persons who have completed secondary education up to 2004 (excluding), as well as for those who have acquired secondary education abroad, or persons with special needs:

  • annual average grade in Latvian language and literature
  • annual grade in English or French or German or Russian language
  • annual grade in Mathematics (or average grade in Algebra and Geometry)
  • annual average grade in mandatory subjects