Optometry - bachelor’s study programme (EN)

The aim of the Bachelor study programme Optometry is to prepare highly qualified and competitive assistants of vision care specialists for practical work in companies and the public sector – assistants in optical stores, assistants of optometrists and ophthalmologists, who would be able to provide high-quality vision care services in cooperation with health and vision care professionals, as well as manage health care companies and independently develop new vision-care-related approaches in the changing health care system, as well as to provide a set of knowledge, skills, and competences according to the knowledge, skills and competence.


The academic content of the study program consists of natural science subjects and specially selected medical subjects that are related to the human vision system. The program provides the students with a scientific basis for their further professional activity in primary vision care, developing the skills of scientific analysis and the ability to independently solve problems related to the patient's vision defects, as well as skills for the students' future scientific work.

After completing studies, graduates work as optometrist’s assistants in optics and clinics, helping to make the necessary visual function assessments and measurements or by training patient contact lenses in use and care. The skills acquired during the study practice allows becoming also an optician or a visual ergonomic consultant. If a graduate wants to become an optometrist, the studies must be continued in the Optometry Professional Master's program, which gives the opportunity to become an optometrist.

Duration: 1) 3 years of full-time studies 2) 4 years of part-time studies  
Tuition fee per year- 4950 EUR
No State funded budget places for studies in English
Bachelor of Health Sciences in Optometry

Admission requirements for international students:

1. General secondary high school diploma;
2. English language proficiency.
3. Grade in Mathematics or Physics or Chemistry or Biology must be no less than 4 in a 10 point grading system.