Computer Science - bachelor’s study programme

Language of instruction: English

The bachelor's study programme “Computer Science” is a modern, European expert-recognised study programme, attested by the European Informatics Programme quality label “Euro-Inf Label”, which has already been awarded twice. The study programme has been repeatedly recognised as the most recommended study programme by employers in Latvia.

The aim of the programme is to train specialists who are able to design and develop complex applications and information systems, so the programme provides basic knowledge in computer science, the selected specialisation and mathematics, develops practical skills in creating complex programmes, and understanding of the development of research.

The study programme provides a comprehensive theoretical basis, while a 4.5 month-long traineeship in an IT organisation helps to prove the acquired knowledge and gain additional skills.


Director of the study programme, prof. Zane Bičevska

The first two years of the study programme provide a comprehensive theoretical basis, after which a student goes on a 4.5 month-long traineeship in an IT organisation (international or local company, public administration, start-up, etc.).

After the traineeship, a student must choose one of five specialisations:

  • Computer science) – more theory-orientated (researchers and lecturers),
  • Information technology – more computer network orientated (computer network specialists and project managers),
  • Information systems – more orientated on the development and maintenance of information systems (database and information systems specialists and project managers),
  • Software engineering – more orientated on computer software development (programmers and software project managers),
  • Computer engineering – more orientated on the construction of electronic devices and robots (embedded software, sensor network specialists).

The programme will require: programming (various programming languages, data structures, algorithms), computer structure, web technologies, databases, operating systems, project management, mathematics, mathematical basics of computer science (automata theory, algorithm theory, probability theory, analytical geometry), etc.

After graduating the study programme, students have very wide opportunities to find a job in their speciality, because IT specialists are in demand in the labour market both in Latvia and abroad.

The study programme has been recognised by employers - the UL Computer Science Bachelor's Studies Programme has been recognised annually as the most recommended study programme by employers in Latvia since 2017.

The students who have acquired the bachelor’s degree in Computer Science are prepared for studies in master's study programmes in Computer Science both in Latvian and other universities of the world.

Full-time in-classroom studies: 4 years (8 semesters)
Tuition fee – EUR 2900 per study year
Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Computer Science

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Admission requirements for Latvian students

General rules (here)

Competition criteria for persons with an obtained secondary education on year 2004 and onwards:

CE in Maths*
CE in English
CE in Latvian
Average score of all CE passed by the person

* For persons who have completed secondary education before 2008, the centralised examination in mathematics may be replaced by the average mark in mathematics indicated in the secondary education document (or the average mark in algebra and geometry)

Competition criteria for persons with an obtained secondary education up to year 2004 (not included) as well as persons who have obtained their secondary education abroad and persons with special needs:
final grade in Maths (or the average grade of Algebra and Geometry)
final grade in English
final average grade in mandatory subjects

Admission requirements for international students:

1. General secondary high school diploma;
2. English language proficiency
3. Grades in Mathematics must be no less than 6 in a 10 point grading system.