After receiving the application documents from all prospective exchange students International Mobility Unit contacts the respective faculties in order to receive their acceptance/approval. The admission decision will be made by the Director of the chosen study programme at the Faculty.

Around 1.5 months after the application deadline the accepted ERASMUS+ and bilateral exchange students receive from the Mobility Division an official acceptance letter by regular post.

All exchange students receive acceptance letter by email. Students should check emails regularly. Students who had applied for the place in the university’s dormitory are requested to make the choice and reply to the acceptance email till the certain date mentioned in the acceptance letter and email.

It is very important that students notify the Mobility Division (not only the faculty) immediately, if there is a change in the period of stay or if the student needs to cancel the exchange stay at the University of Latvia.

The exchange students will receive information on scholarships from their home university’s co-ordinator. The home university pays a scholarship for the Erasmus+ students from the programme countries. 

According to some of the bilateral cooperation agreements the University of Latvia is paying a monthly scholarship to the exchange students who are studying within these agreements. If there are any financial benefits coming from the University of Latvia, it is mentioned on the acceptance letter sent to the student by the International Mobility Unit.

Student Application Deadlines

  • May 15  for next Academic year or for Autumn Semester
  • November 15 for Spring Semester

Application period for the dormitories

  • April 15 - June 15  for next Academic year or for Autumn Semester
  • October 15 - December 15 for Spring Semester
Students who plan to study at the University of Latvia for 1 or 2 semesters are expected to arrive to the University of Latvia during the registration week. In the cases when the exchange agreement allows staying at the University of Latvia less than one semester, the shorter exchange period is possible. During the registration week all exchange students should register at the International Mobility Unit and attend the Introduction meeting. The Erasmus Student Network offers different interesting activities to the exchange students during the whole registration week. The Introduction meeting takes place on the Friday of the registration week during which the International Mobility Unit offers a short orientation course for all international exchange students. The meeting is approximately 1.5 hours long and includes topics related to the university, student life, study process, and other useful information. In the first week of the semester students can attend the meetings with international coordinators of the university’s faculties and discuss course list related questions.