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EU/EEA/Swiss citizens Citizen of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are eligible for the student loan. The main conditions that might present difficulties are the following:  1. The first instalment for your studies in the UL is to be made from your personal means pursuant to the contract received at the Faculty. (If the student processes a loan with a bank and the government does not guarantee for the student, then you should write an application at the UL Accounting Department after transferring the loan to the current account of the UL, and you will receive your first instalment back.)   2. For a study loan to be processed by a bank later, you will need a guarantor - a natural person employed in Latvia and receiving a minimum monthly salary from his/her employer, i.e., LVL 200 (EUR 284 according to the Bank of Latvia exchange rate) and whose salary is processed in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia. If you are satisfied with the general conditions and consider applying for the loan, you should apply for the loan electronically in the UL Information System, using the login (user name) and password assigned by the Faculty. Two study loan options available to select: Study Loan (for covering the tuition fees per semester) and Student Loan (social) (the bank will transfer the selected amount of money to your account once a month). The maximum Study Loan (regulation set by the Ministry) can be granted at the amount of LVL 1855 or EUR 2639 per semester, and the amount shall not exceed the tuition fee per semester set by the Faculty. The UL Study Loan is granted for the whole study process (the amount requested per semester is multiplied by the number of semesters envisaged in the study programme), by sending the request data to the Administration for Studies and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science from where the request is forwarded to the bank. The maximum amount of Student Loan that can be requested is LVL120 or EUR 170 per month, and it is paid for 10 months in a year. The bank does not pay the loan during the summer holidays in July and August. The bank for granting the loans is selected by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia on annual basis in a tender procedure. In 2013, the selected bank is A/S SEB banka. The loan payments remain with the same bank for the further years, i.e., the government guarantees the particular bank for the whole time of your studies. You can find Cabinet regulations in the portal, translation into English is available here.
Non EU citizens
Students – citizens of the Republic of Latvia and persons, who have an alien’s passport, as well as other citizens of the European Union, to whom a permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit have been issued – may apply for the receipt of a loan, if they successfully acquire state-accredited study programmes. You can find Cabinet regulations in the portal, translation into English is available here.