Upon first-time participation in the Sustainability Index this year, the University of Latvia (UL) receives a high assessment, entering the Silver category of the index.

The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool, which ensures rating of company performance in all directions of corporate social responsibility in accordance with international requirements. It enables Latvian companies to diagnose the sustainability of their operations and the level of corporate responsibility. At the same time, it provides the public, state and non-state organizations with objective criteria to praise and support companies that contribute to strengthening Latvia’s economy in the long-term perspective.

The university's participation in the sustainable development of the country is one of the main values encompassed in the UL Strategy 2021–2027. UL Strategy underlines that the university integrates sustainable development in all areas of the university’s operation, and thus, participation in the Sustainability Index is one of the steps to implement the defined goals.

“As the University of Latvia enters the sustainability index of the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility for the first time, we have achieved high indicators. It is a recognition of both the current performance in the field of corporate sustainability and the commitment to improve the university’s performance in the future, based on the recommendations of experts,” says Renārs Kairis, chairman of the UL Eco-Council. “Participation and openness to internal and external sustainable initiatives is one of the operating principles of the university. On the other hand, regular evaluation and certification of sustainability in similar systems is an indication that the fundamental principles of the Sustainable Development Policy are actively encompassed in the university’s operation.”

According to the creators of the Sustainability Index, the participants assessed in this index “demonstrate courage, openness and commitment to improve their performance. It is these organizations that, in addition to ability to influence the development of their industry, are capable to contribute to the sustainability of the country!”

More information on the Sustainability Index – https://www.incsr.eu/