Within the framework of the Erasmus+60 project, a highly innovative project focusing on European citizens aged 60 and above, the University of Latvia will organize a Hackathon on “Third-age learning perspectives in modern society” on April 18th, 2023.

This one-day online event will be held in English and will bring together stakeholders of the project, professionals and leaders in the respective field, NGOs, state institutions, seniors and other involved and interested persons to discuss, collaborate, evaluate and find innovative solutions.

Discussions will cover the following topics:  wellbeing factors of studying for seniors (knowledge and future skills to be developed), life-long learning resources (opportunities and effective tools) and ways to increase their engagement in life-long learning. Collected feedback will be highly important in the development of policy recommendations and final report.

Registration deadline: April 4, 2023.

Registration form: https://www.erasmusplus60.uvsq.fr/erasmus60-hackathon

More information: https://www.erasmusplus60.uvsq.fr/hackathon-4