Foto: Andra Kalnača

The Department of Latvian and Baltic Studies at the University of Latvia invites submissions of abstracts for the 58th International Academic Conference in Honour of Prof. Arturs Ozols “Grammar and Word Formation”, to be held on March 16–17, 2023.

The year 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of Jānis Endzelīns (1873–1961), a long-time professor at the University of Latvia, the founder of the Department of Baltic Philology, a distinguished scholar of Latvian and Baltic linguistics and the author of two foundational studies on Latvian grammar – „Lettische Grammatik” (1922) and „Latviešu valodas gramatika” (1951).  

The 2023 conference is dedicated to one of the central areas of research of prof. Jānis Endzelīns – grammar, including derivational morphology or, more broadly, word formation, in its various (descriptive, theoretical, synchronic and diachronic) facets. We invite submissions on all aspects of grammar and/or word formation from different standpoints (e.g., general, areal, typological, cognitive, functional, contrastive, quantitative, etc.) and theoretical frameworks. 

Conference languages – Latvian, Lithuanian and English. 

Conference format – face-to-face. This may change subject to, e.g., epidemiological situation. 

Abstracts – 250–500 words (excluding references) plus the list of references. 

Presentations – 20 minutes (15-minute talk, 5 minutes for questions). 

Conference fee – 50 EUR. The fee covers coffee breaks. 

Applications (containing information regarding the name, surname and academic affiliation of the participant(s)) and abstracts should be sent to by January 23, 2023. Notifications of acceptance will be given no later than February 6, 2023. 

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