The UL souvenirs, books and other publications are available for purchase at the UL main building lobby. © Photo: Toms Grīnbergs, The University of Latvia Communication and Innovation Department.

As of Monday, November 5, the Client Service Centre in the lobby of the University of Latvia (UL) main building in Riga, Raiņa bulvāris 19, is open to students and guests alike, offering advice, certificates and other documents. The UL souvenirs, books and other publications are available for purchase here.

The UL Client Service Centre, marking its official opening, gathered the leadership of all the University of Latvia departments Jānis Saulītis, Director of the UL Student Services Department, Aija Rozenšteine, Director of the UL Press, and Kārlis Dārznieks, the Director of the UL Communication and Innovation Department. Everyone agreed that from now on the lobby will represent the University of Latvia and provide for a wider range of functions, including those of a student service and a gift shop, as well as a showcase for exhibitions and a place for information about the University itself and its study programmes. "Our goal is to make the lobby of the University of Latvia more attractive, brighter and populated, to enable everyone to obtain answers to questions about the University, as well as the study process," Jānis Saulītis described the idea of customer service and information centre. Moreover, as of today, the books issued by the UL Academic Press will be conveniently available for browsing and purchase. "I am glad that now the books published by the UL Academic Press have the place of honour at the lobby of the UL main building. Those, who until now were not aware that a large proportion of books and magazines published by the UL are being prepared at the UL Academic Press, will be able to learn more about the literature representing a wide variety of themes. We hope that this new point of communication will also expand the range of our authors and new editions," said Aija Rozenšteine, adding that the books and periodicals are available at the prices of publisher. With the first steps of introducing the new visual identity, everyone has the opportunity to view and purchase the UL gifts of the new design prepared by the UL Communication and Innovation Department. The range of gifts encompasses the useful and the symbolic from badges and pens to umbrellas and various types of clothing. "The souvenirs with the University of Latvia brand are popular among the existing students, the guests of the University, as well as the graduates. The special souvenirs of the UL Alumni Club design are also offered here. Everyone interested will have an opportunity to choose something from the wide range of souvenirs. We are also pleased that the UL souvenirs have become even more accessible, since the lobby with the new information centre is on the way to each visitor of the UL main building, “emphasized Kārlis Dārznieks. Client Service Centre’s team consists of three specialists Aiva Brūvere, Ēriks Šetlers and Zane Vrubļevska. The new Client Service Centre offers most of the services that to date were available at the Student Services Department, room 125. Besides offering the UL gifts and publications for purchase, the Information Centre will provide certificates, enable the clients to submit applications and supply information about the study process at the University of Latvia in several languages.