In November 2017, the rectors of the three leading universities of the Baltic states – University of Latvia, University of Tartu and University of Vilnius – signed a cooperation agreement establishing a new scholarship. The students, who know or study the official languages of all three Baltic states will be eligible to apply for competition to receive this scholarship.

The aim of the scholarship is to develop cross-border cooperation among the three Baltic states and their leading universities in academic matters, for example, by promoting linguistic and cultural studies. The competition is open to the students of all specialities, and the grammatical accuracy of the languages is not the primary criterion for a successful application, at the forefront is the ability to use language in context and express oneself is the advantage in competition.  The main prerequisite for a student to obtain the scholarship is to know one of the three official national languages of Baltic states at the level C1, and the other two – at the level A2. The scholarship can be used for studies at another university or for attaining another study-related goal. The scholarship competition is open to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. In the first round, the contestant will need to present himself / herself and write a short essay on a specific topic in the three Baltic languages. In the final round, the top three candidates from each university will meet to present themselves and prove their eligibility for the scholarship, and one recipient will be selected. The scholarship is to be awarded once a year, repeated applications for the scholarship will be encouraged. In 2019, a scholarship of EUR 2 000 will be awarded by the UL. Regulations for scholarship competition are available here.