Students and would-be or just-started entrepreneurs are invited to take part in the Riga-Cambridge Venture Camp. The camp will start this November in Latvia, Riga, and end in January 2019 in United Kingdom, Cambridge.

The goal of the Riga-Cambridge Venture Camp is to promote the implementation of new, prosperous business ideas by developing participants' skills in team building, attracting funding, and other aspects of business. The program takes place in two modules: Riga module and Cambridge module. The Riga Module includes practical lectures, teamwork, mentoring sessions, business stories, homework, and in the end – business idea pitches to business experts at the “Bears’ Cove” event. In the first part of the Camp, which will be held in Riga (1 November – 15 December 2018), participants will work in teams to develop their business ideas and chase for the opportunity to participate in the second part of the Camp in Cambridge (21-26 January 2019). Only the best 25 participants and teams will be nominated to take part in the Cambridge module.  The lessons in Riga and Cambridge will be led by acknowledged faculty members of universities and well-known entrepreneurs. Registration is available before 31 October. Program of Riga Module is available here.