University of Latvia

According to the latest "Times Higher Education" ranking, the University of Latvia (UL) achieves the 31st to 40th place among the research-intensive higher education institutions of New Europe, which is also the best result among the higher education institutions in Latvia.

The authors of ranking have named the 13 nations that have joined the European Union since 2004 the “New Europe”. Ranking includes 53 higher education institutions from 12 countries of New Europe (universities of Malta have not entered the ranking), and it has been created applying the methodology used to build "Times World University Rankings".

"The ranking evaluating the universities of the new European countries has been created for the first time. The ranking shows that we are recognized and counted upon, however, it can also be observed that the competition among higher education institutions in the European context has changed," emphasizes Jānis Stonis, Deputy Rector for Students and Social Matters, adding that the competition transforms from a direct rivalry among universities into a competition among universities' networks and alliances .

Latvia in the ranking is represented by two higher education institutions - UL, which ranks  31st to 40th, and Riga Technical University, ranking 41+. The first place among the research-intensive higher education institutions of New Europe has been awarded to Tartu University (Estonia). Ranking is based on the criteria that include teaching, research, citations, industry income, international outlook and recognition.

The most extensively represented new European country in this ranking is the Czech Republic with 13 higher education institutions, closely followed by Poland with 12 universities, Hungary - with seven, and Romania - with five higher education institutions. 

More information about the ranking is available  here.

The results of the ranking were presented at "THE Research Excellence: New Europe Summit", which took place last week at at Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The Summit explores the current excellence centres and focus on the strongest, most talented students in Central and Southern Europe.