Research & Events organised at Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Series of Roundtables “The Eastern Partnership vis-à-vis Latvia`s Policy Towards the EU`s Eastern Neighbourhood”

Series of Roundtable debates with academic and social partners from EaP countries are planned to be organised in Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan and in Latvia including representatives from Russia, Georgia, and Belarus coinciding with official visits of high level state officials (President, Prime Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs). Events abroad will be arranged with the assistance of Latvian embassies and diplomatic representatives placed in these countries, as well as academia representatives.


Series of Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquia 

The Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium (DC) will be a research structure within the Doctoral School on European Integration and Baltic Sea Region Studies set up to support young researchers during their research training. Special attention will be given to the research of young scholars and doctoral students.

Comparative Seminar “Social Policy, Human Dimension and Shared Social Responsibility in the Wider Europe” 

Comparative Seminar will give a thoroughly European focus reflecting on the themes of the Seminar and the results of the research done by the Centre’s Thematic Research Teams.


Workshop “EU Financial Assistance: Focus on Cohesion Policy and Development Cooperation” 

Attention will be given to the implementation of EU funded programmes and projects to Eastern partners. Workshop will promote the academic research on evaluation of EU Cohesion policy effectiveness as well as research on economic aspects of cooperation within Eastern partnership carried by Centre’s Thematic Research Teams. It will also have a practical component that will aim at exploring the business opportunities, in particular SME and initiating business cooperation in the framework of EU external co-operation. Consultation with stakeholders will play an incremental role.

Conference "Europe 2020 and the Eastern Partnership in the Global Environment" 

The Conference will be held at the UL and its agenda will be focused on interdisciplinary research results of the Thematic Research Teams of the Centre and other activities of the Centre during 2011-2014, such as Roundtable debates, Seminars and Workshops on topics related to the assessment of interrelated processes of legal and socio-economic processes in EU integration and its external dimension.

April 13th
International conference “Migration and Identity: Encouraging the Role of Diaspora”. During the conference issues related to the emigration of Latvian labor force, particularly emphasizing on so-called third wave of emigration from Latvia, were discussed.

March 29-30th
Debates on "EU relations with Eastern Partnership countries and Canada". The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has organized international Roundtable Debates which brought together prominent speakers from the EU, Canada and Eastern Partnership countries.

27 May 
6th Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Meeting with H.E. Ambassador of Canada; topics of presentation and discussions: Research opportunities in Canada and Economic growth patterns in Latvia and in Canada and impacts of global recession;

17 September   
7th Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Presentation of guest lecturer Prof. Dr.oec. Svetlana Grigorjeva on Entrepreneurial Economics in Latvia ("Предпринимательская экономика в Латвии")

30 October 
8th Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Presentation of  Ms. Zane Cunska on Impacts of Demography on Higher Education in Latvia.

3rd Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Workshop on the Energy Statistics and Use of Statistical Data for Analysis of Economic Development, Eurostat (Luxembourg);

4th Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Workshop on the Role of Monetary Policy in Global Economy, Academy of the German Federal Bank (Hahenburg, Germany), European Central Bank (Frankfurt a.M., Germany);

5th Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Presentation of  Mr. Juris Kanels on Territorial Reform in Latvia;

13 December    
2nd Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Presentation of  Mr. Romāns Putāns on Client Satisfaction Measurements at Latvian State Revenue Service;

1 November    
1st Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium. Presentation of  Mr. Česlavs Gržibovskis on Growth and Employment Related Factors in Latvia. The work of the Colloquium is continued in the framework of the Doctoral School: European Integration and Baltic Sea Region Studies at the University of Latvia.

Conference „European Union Enlargement of 2004 and Beyond: Responding to the Political, Legal and Socio-Economic Challenges".