The Centre for European and Transition Studies (CETS) was established in 2000 at the University of Latvia. Its aim is to promote and support interdisciplinary academic and applied research on European issues, involving students from both European Union Member States and Third Countries. At CETS, our program incorporates economics, political science, law, public administration and regional policy issues.

The centre hosts Jean Monnet and Marie Curie European Commission projects, providing advices to public institutions on economic and social development in the context of European integration. CETS is an internationally recognized forum of debate for academics, postgraduates and practitioners on the current trends in European development from the perspective of a new Member State.


Tatjana Muravska, University of Latvia and Jean Monnet Professor

"Join us for research and teaching experiences in the area of European integration studies.

I invite you to explore all that CETS offers as a quality centre for European Studies in the Baltics.

When CETS was founded in 2000, its mission was to provide education and research in the area of European and Transition Studies as well as to be a forum for interdisciplinary education and research linked to developments in the European Union and associated countries.  Today, we are recognized internationally as an innovative institution in interdisciplinary studies in the Baltic States."

Jean Monnet Chair
Director of CETS
Tatjana Muravska