Public Event: Territorial Scenarios for Europe by Dr.eng. Andreu Ulied

The InnovaSpa study visit in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France

InnovaSpa I The 2nd Latvian InnovaSpa stakeholders’ workshop took place on 11 January 2019

CITADEL blogpost - How to coproduce public services? (University of Latvia, Latvia)

CRE:HUB project presented at the conference of Latvian Academy of Culture

The 1st stakeholders meeting of the InnovaSPA project at the University of Latvia 1 November 2018

CRE:HUB│8th CCI stakeholders’ meeting in Riga

CRE:HUB research results presented at the Midterm ESA Conference 2018

CRE:HUB Joint Report of Peer Review visits in project regions