European Studies Master Programme, Graduation 2011. Photo: Denīze Ponomarjova

On June 16th, 2011 the European Studies Master Programme held its annual Graduation Ceremony. As tradition indicates it took place in the Great Hall at the University of Latvia.

In total nineteen students graduated with all academic distinctions. Among the recent graduates were students not only from Latvia, but also from Azerbaijan, and the Netherlands.

Throughout the graduates’ two-year programme students placed emphasis on deepening their knowledge of European Studies within the dimensions of economics, law, political science/public administration with components from history, international relations, regional science and other relevant disciplines.

During their studies, European Studies students had the opportunity to participate in a practical seminar in Brussels and Luxembourg.The visit to key EU institutions and NATO headquarters allowed students to meet representatives of each institution and participated in discussions on current topics relating to EU policy.

In addition to practical opportunities in Brussels and Luxembourg, students were given a chance to participate in the Erasmus exchange programme. Through this programme students were able to study at leading universities in Germany, France, and Cyprus.

The European Studies Master Programme wishes graduating students success in their future endeavours!!!