The Centre for European and Transition Studies at the University of Latvia (UL) in cooperation with 16 partner institutions from the countries of Baltic Sea region (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, etc.), int. al., Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Venstpils High Technology Park, since 2009 is participating in the transnational project “Transnational SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor” (“Baltic Supply”). Project duration: 2010 – 2013.

The aim of project is to create better business opportunities for the many Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs) located in the Baltic- and North Sea Region.

The intent of the project is to provide cooperation in a broad geographic territory, encompassing the Baltic Sea and North Sea regions. The main partner of the project “Baltic Supply” is the Senator for Economic Affairs and Ports in Bremen (Germany).

Brochure of "North Sea Supply Connect"

Brochure of “Transnational SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor”

"European Business Support Network" brochure

"European Business Support Network" postcard


For more information check Portal of project, please click - Baltic Supply.