On November 29 of this year, an event was held within the DistanceLAB project, with the theme "Potential - Motivation - Co-production". This event aimed to inspire both young, small and medium-sized companies and show them some of the good practices of remote business models.

In the first part of the event, industry experts shared their experience and advice on remote work, motivation and possibilities of remote work. The second part of the event was held on-site at each partner's premises, where each project partner was involved in discussions with the target groups.
With a glimpse of DistanceLAB's planned activities and pilots to be created, the project manager, Leena Toivanen, opened the meeting and introduced the project.

Mia Liljeberg from Finland, an expert on sustainability and high performance in the digital age, continued with great tips and practical advice. Mia presented a study on what are the main factors affecting the efficiency and quality of work of employees in companies and how to save time and do more while using digital tools. In addition, the main prerequisites for the effective operation of remote group work were mentioned.

Gabija Jakutyte from the Lithuanian company Indeform Technologies told a story about how to motivate employees in a hybrid work environment. The main reasons for demotivation and what it leads to were described, as well as the online tool developed by Indeform Technologies, which evaluates the level of motivation of the company and employees and other aspects from various viewpoints.

In the final phase of the first part, Lasse Kristiansen from ProtoMore Kunnskapspark AS, told the story of co-creation and co-production workshops that have been established in several locations in Romsdal county, Norway. Everyone who works remotely has the opportunity to apply and use the opportunity to go to work in one of the co-working offices. Such a way of working allows those who work remotely to change the work environment and access the necessary things for working online. 

The second part of the event took place on-site in the premises of the Ventspils high-tech park, where there was a discussion with the target groups about issues related to remote work during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and about good practices when working in a remote or hybrid mode. Representatives from IT accounting and leisure industry participated in the discussion.


More information about project:

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