Photo: D.Ponomarjova, LU DS EIBSRS

On November 25, 2019, a guest lecture of the Assistant Professor Marija Bočkarjova from the Utrecht University School of Economics (Netherlands) "Who pays for the global environmental change? Natural hazards and equity perspective" was hosted by UL DS EIBSRS at the premises of the University of Latvia.

The aim of the lecture was to sketch a broad picture of the global environmental change and its impact on global economy and well-being of people. Temporal damage statistics are used to illustrate the extent of importance of hazard risk on the global scale. Examples of hazard risk management from various continents are provided.

Marija Bočkarjova is Assistant Professor in Environmental Economics at the Utrecht University School of Economics. Marija is engaged in educational and research activities round various topics in environmental economics such as the major natural disasters and their impact on modern economies, sustainable transportation, living environment, urban nature and value plurality in environmental valuation.

The event was organised by the Doctoral School “European Integration and Baltic Sea Region Studies” (EIBSRS) of the University of Latvia (UL) in cooperation with the UL Centre for European and Transition Studies (CETS); Latvian European Community Studies Association (LECSA) and Riga Stradiņš University