The Institute of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine of the University of Latvia (UL), because of its historical development, research topics and personnel involved, has become the scientific centre of cardiology and regenerative medicine.

Areas of action:

  • epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • invasive cardiology;
  • coronary and peripheral atherosclerosis;
  • study of gene polymorphisms for evaluation of coronary heart disease. Study of risk factors for secondary cardiovascular diseases;
  • use of human cells and tissues to develop new treatment methods;
  • metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases;
  • vasomotor and neurovascular regulation, endothelial dysfunction;
  • study of mechanisms involved in allergic reactions of cells;
  • mechanisms for the development of cancer microcells;
  • morphological mechanisms of cell malignancy and cancer cell resistance;
  • physiological mechanisms of fatigue and psychophysiological adaptation;
  • osteoporosis, osteoreception.


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