Self-defense trainings

In training you will be able to learn: A set of activities based on the type of Jiu-jitsu fighting, which in situations with threats to health or life, creates (does not prevent) the opportunity to protect yourself and others from possible harm.

The course is intended to provide basic knowledge and practice skills in working with regulatory enactments. Students will have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge about the use of various special equipment and weapons, as well as the opportunity to participate in classes in a practical shooting training simulator. We will introduce different types of psychological state in stressful situations as well as create an understanding of the importance of proper nutrition in everyday life, how it interacts with the body's activities, risk and stressful situations, as well as achieve the best solutions to achieve goals.

Students will also be offered additional classes, after which students will have the opportunity to participate in various competitions in self-defense and melee disciplines, representing the University of Latvia.

Contact: Toms Jansons (22330555)
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Schedule: Tuesday, thursday 19.00, at Klusā iela 12