Basketball trainings take place in two trainings a week, where one part is dedicated to the improvement of individual technique, while the other half is dedicated to active play. If the number of visitors in a training is smaller, the coaches pay more individual attention, which will definitely give additional satisfaction to the student for learning and improving new skills. Men's basketball, as it is known, at the University of Latvia is highly developed and teams in these sports start in the leading championships, so this is the right time to remind that these training sessions do not take place with professional athletes, so everyone can feel comfortable and meet players of a similar level if the sport is a close hobby.

Location: LU PPMF basketball court, Imantas 7. līnija 1

Contact: Edgars Burkevics, tel. nr. +371 22372883

Any LU student can participate in the trainings, regardless of the level of mastery.

If you want to apply for basketball training, click here!

The workout is divided into parts:

1. Warm-up part, which pays attention to basketball technique (drift, posture, litter, etc.)

2. The next stage is basketball skills development exercises (quick attacks, throwing competitions, etc.)

3. In the final part of the training, students have the opportunity to use everything they have learned in a basketball game (2 against 2, 3 against 3, 4 against 4 or 5 against 5).