Fitness classes in the spring semester

Fitness classes at the University of Latvia will resume on 10 january . In the second part of this semester, there will be 4 online morning activities, 2 online lunch exercises, 3 online evening trainings at 17.10 and 4 face-to-face evening trainings at 18.00, University of Latvia, Faculty of Management and Economics, Aspazijas bulvaris 5.

All online lessons, including all morning lessons and Monday, Wednesday and Friday half-day gymnastics, will be available on the Zoom platform.

Connect to all online lessons by pressing on this link:

Fitness classes and sports training at the University of Latvia can be attended only by persons who have completed the vaccination cycle or become ill with COVID-19 (a passport or ID card and a vaccination or illness certificate must be brought with them).

You can see the schedule of fitness classes above!

Please note that each fitness session lasts 55 minutes. You must apply for each fitness class at the University of Latvia by filling in the application form. The registration for each training ended 5 hours before the start time of the specific training. If more than 20 people have applied for the training, a message will be sent to those who will be outside the first 20, 3-4 hours before the start of the training. The registration confirmation is not sent, therefore, if you have not received a message about too many applications for the specific training, we will be waiting for you in the training!

Application form links are available below:

If you want to apply to the FDA on Mondays, click here!

If you want to apply for an Move Dance on Tuesdays, click here!

If you want to apply for yoga on Wednesdays, click here!

If you want to apply for VFS on Thursdays, click here!

If you want to apply for Crossfit, click here!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact!