Group classes description


A training programme that is designed for strengthening the deep and small muscles. It helps to improve posture and grace, makes the body more fit and slim, as well as rids the body and mind from stress and anxiety accumulated throughout the day.
Focus on back and abdominal muscles. (Corset)
No prior training required, suitable and recommended to people with health issues. 

Fitness Yoga
Workout to strengthen whole body, contribute muscle tone to improve internal organs functioning and blood circulation. These exercises develop strength and flexibility. Workout influences on inner muscle link, relaxes compressed back and neck muscles, and improves metabolic processes. Exercises focused on back and limb strengthening and leg stretching.
Classes improve breathing, concentration skills, emotional condition, as well as help combat stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.
No prior training required.

Power & Mind
Low intensity fitness workout, flowing movements with strength exercises, tones and strengthen the whole body muscle as well as develop coordination. During workout, body and mind are united, improves overall body condition and decreases everyday stress level.


Comprehensive fitness workout, with proportionally dived for aerobic and strength exercises. In the first part of workout, there are aerobic elements used to improve respiratory system, coordination and in other part of workout – complex of strength exercises for muscle groups.
No prior training required

Fat burner
Fitness workout, which are continuously maintained with steady exercise to burn fat. I t strengthens the entire body and specially trained physical strength and joint flexibility.

Functional Training
Workout, which shapes body. Fitness experts suggest this workout for development of coordination, muscle power and strength. This is workout for both large group muscles as well as so-called postural muscles. Thanks to exercises, body performs correct statistic and dynamic work, keeping spine in correct condition. Perfect workout to develop muscles and raise athletic training.

Butt & Core

Medium intensity workout, which includes special exercises for leg, buttock and abdominal muscle strengthening, plus stretching exercises.
And also workout for corset strengthen (abdominal muscles, side and back muscles)
Exercises with and without dumbbells, at the end of workout some stretching exercises. 

Circle Training
Lesson for developing agility and strength involving different muscle groups. The circle consists of several exercises with a variety of equipment and their implementation is accompanied by rest breaks. The load is adapted to different fitness visitor levels.

Interval STEP
Workout consists of cardio and strength exercises: includes overall exercises for problem areas – belly, buttock, legs etc. Intensity – medium/high, complexity – low/ medium. Step platform is used for the class.
Suitable for persons with and without previous physical training.


Body Condition
Fitness workout with simple choreography. Focus is on muscle development and heart muscle strengthening. For strengthening muscles, there are used different types of inventory dumbbells, rubbers, stick and balls.
Suitable for persons with previous physical training.