Low intension


The lesson focuses on gentle joint movement, slow muscle stretching, as well as strengthening. The lesson is suitable for everyone, breaking the stereotype that yoga is only for flexible people. During the lesson, the basic yoga poses are performed, as well as attention is paid to breathing, thus relieving the tension that has accumulated in different parts of the body, especially the chest, shoulders and neck.


Recognized classes in the world of physiotherapists, orthopedists and sports doctors, which is divided into 3 levels. Regular exercise strengthens not only large but also deep muscle groups. The main emphasis is on strengthening the back and abdominal muscles (part of the corset). The class is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of physical fitness, and is recommended for people with health problems. Whole back Low intensity strength, flexibility and endurance class for good posture, strong and flexible back; with elements of fitness yoga and pilates. Various equipment - balls, sticks, rubber, light dumbbells. Suitable for different levels of readiness.

Power & Mind

Low-intensity fitness class, fluid movement alternates with strength exercises, the whole body muscles are toned and strengthened, coordination is developed. During the exercises, the body and mind are connected, the general well-being of the body improves and daily stress is reduced.

Yoga MIX

A moderately low-intensity class, in which both classical yoga poses and other preparatory exercises are performed with the aim of gently moving the whole body - meaningfully warming up the joints, as well as stretching and strengthening various muscle groups. The poses are mostly performed statically, paying attention to both the sequential and correct observance of the details of the respective pose and the role of the breath in this process.

Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga is a teaching about physical harmony, which is achieved through the influence of the harmony of mind and consciousness on the physical body. The main emphasis in Hatha Yoga is on the health of the spine, peaceful and controlled breathing and ensuring a smooth flow of life energy. Each exercise affects a specific part of the body, organ or group of organs. In order to achieve the maximum positive effect, the performance of postures or physical exercises is combined with various breathing techniques, respiratory arrest and control. Hatha Yoga has its roots in India and is a way to prepare the body physically and mentally for the following meditation practices. Philosophically, the term "hatha" has a deep symbolic meaning. "Ha" - the sun, "tha" - the moon. It is a symbol of the unity of the opposite beginnings. Unity and harmony of opposites create balance. Translated from Sanskrit, yoga means "union" and "unity." Hatha Law: Strengthens immunity; Improves concentration; Balances energy exchange in the body; Strengthens the physical body; Improves blood and lymph circulation; Promotes body flexibility; Improves the functioning of the nervous system.

FDA (Physical Fitness Restoration)

Medium-low intensity class, which focuses on strengthening general muscles, improving cardio load capacity, developing flexibility. The lesson uses small sports equipment: ball, rubber, dumbbells, wooden sticks, weight bars up to 4 kg.


Medium intension


There is a type of fitness with simple choreography. The lesson focuses on the development and strengthening of thigh, buttock and abdominal muscles. Dumbbells, sticks, rubbers, balls, step platforms are used to develop muscles and strength. Suitable for visitors of various backgrounds.


Medium intensity lesson focused on the corset part. The exercise strengthens the abdominal, back, side and pelvic muscles, improves coordination and flexibility. Strengthens the stabilizing muscles that affect the formation of the correct posture. The lesson is suitable for all levels of physical fitness.

Upper Body

Medium intensity strength training for upper body (shoulder, arm, upper back, chest) muscle tone. Various inventory. Suitable for different levels of readiness. Fat burner There is a type of fitness in which a steady physical activity is maintained for a long time, which helps to burn extra pounds. The whole body is strengthened and specially trained physical endurance and joint flexibility.

Move Dance

Dance fitness lesson accompanied by oldshool and current hits with stretching exercises for the whole body at the end of the lesson. Simple, quick-to-learn choreography, no previous dance experience required.

Circle training

Exercise to develop dexterity and strength, involving different muscle groups. The circle consists of several exercises with different equipment and their performance alternates with rest breaks. The load can be adjusted for visitors of different readiness.

Dance Fit

Medium-high-intensity lesson, during which not only dance choreography is mastered, but also the general physical form is improved with the help of various strength and endurance exercises. The lesson is intended for all levels of readiness.

Brazilian Butt

Medium intensity exercise, which focuses on strengthening the thigh and buttock muscles, developing shape, as well as reducing weight in the hip, thigh area. The lesson is suitable for every visitor.

High intension


Translated from English, it is High Intensity Interval Training, which means high intensity workouts combined with low intensity workouts. The maximum HIIT cardio training time is about 20 minutes, so that the body does not enter the "saving" mode. These 20 minutes burn calories very effectively and the biggest plus is that, unlike a normal cardio workout, metabolic processes in the body continue to take place for at least 2 hours after a workout. HIIT cardio training is a great alternative for busy people, because instead of 40 minutes of aerobic training, we only have to spend, for example, 20 minutes, but the calories burned will be as much as 40 minutes.

Interval Training

A workout that consists of cardio and strength exercise intervals. The lesson includes comprehensive exercises for problem areas: abdomen, buttocks, legs, etc. Exercise complexity - low / medium. The lesson uses the STEP platform. A lesson for anyone who wants an effective workout - both beginners and previous physical fitness.

Fit Box

A high-intensity workout that combines boxing and fitness elements. The non-contact lesson is aimed at strengthening all muscle groups, developing the cardiovascular system and improving the general physical shape. The lesson is intended for all levels of readiness.

Strenght & Power

Strength and power fitness class based on a 4-week program. It is planned to use various fitness equipment in the training: dumbbells, resistance rubbers, fitness sticks, etc. In order to participate in the training, it is necessary to know the correct execution of exercise movements / techniques.


General physical training. Find out more about VFS training here!

Crossfit  Circle Training

High intensity circle training for strength and endurance, muscle development. The lesson is suitable with prior physical training.

Find out more about Crossfit Circle Training here!