Active recreation events

At least once a semester, various active recreation events are organized, which is the best way to meet other students and employees of the University of Latvia informally, as well as simply have a good time. In recent years, such events have been organized as "Gadsimta kalns", where all LU students and staff were given the opportunity to actively relax on the hill and participate in a fun relay, "Lielais pārgājiens", where LU staff had the opportunity to go on a fun hike with their families, and UL Holiday photo orienteering, in which participants had the opportunity to search for various objects found in nature and perform various tasks, thus accumulating points and fighting for the first place. About 3 weeks before each event, information about the upcoming event is posted on the UL Sports Facebook page and the UL Sports page. Active recreation events are available free of charge to all LU students and employees.


For active leisure activities of the 2022/2023 fall semester of the school year search here!