If you are a student of the University of Latvia and you are a professional athlete - you are in the Latvian team and / or participate in Latvian, European or world-wide competitions - apply at the UL Sports Center!

The UL has always been proud of the fact that so many prominent athletes have been studying and studying at the UL, who have brought the name of both the UL and their country into the world.

The best UL student’s athletes have the opportunity to:

     - receive tuition fee relief
     - to get good education and;
     - to sport at a high level.

We invite all UL students-athletes to apply to the UL Sports Center by writing to sports@lu.lv and indicating:

     - first name, last name
     - phone number
     - faculty and study course;
     - sport;
     - achievements in sport.

And the UL Sports Center will contact you.