On Saturday, April 15, the student event “Student Spring hike 2023” organized by the University of Latvia sports Centre will take place, where participants will have the opportunity to take a fun and entrepreneurial hike along the forest road with various activities during the hike.

The gathering of participants will take place at the bus stop “Gauja (A2)” starting at noon 10.27 am, but the start is scheduled for 10.35. We suggest all participants to take a bus for a hike, which will take place at 09.30 from Riga national bus stationI and arrives to Gauja (A2) at a stop at 10.27 am.

The hike will be approximately 13km and is planned to take approximately 4 hours and different activities and relays will be organised at that time.

The hiking finish is planned at the “Kaķīši (A2)” bus stop, from which the bus to Riga retreats at noon. 14.35 (It arrives in Riga at 15.45).

Weather-appropriate footwear and clothing should be taken for the hike.

Application for the event may be completed by the electronic application questionnaire by 14 April 2023 at noon. 23.59.


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