On Thursday, March 23, the University of Latvia (LU) beach volleyball spring night tournament will be hosted at the Rimi Olympic sports Centre, O-Sands Square.

It will be a great opportunity for members of the course and simply good friends studying at the University of Latvia to participate in an interesting sports event in an unconventional atmosphere. One of the most popular sports of LU sports night is beach volleyball. The LU beach volleyball night tournament, hosted by the LU sports Centre in partnership with the LU students Council, is interesting with mixed teams (1 woman and 1 man) taking part in the tournament.

Applications for participation in the tournament must be sent by 22 March at 23:59 at email during sacensibas@lu.lv enrollment, ALL participants will be required to present valid student licenses.

The tournament will take place at Rimi Olympic sports Centre (Groston Street 6b), start at 23.15, registration from noon 22.45.

Tournament organisers are urging every LU student to be active, organise a team and apply, doing so regardless of the level of mastery. Participation in the tournament is free of charge, but only LU students and employees are allowed to participate.

Sports night tournaments in LU have been running regularly for more than a decade.

We remind you that when you participate in this event, the team that has applied for the LU Student Cup gets 5 total points and increases their chances of getting to the Student Cup final, which will have the opportunity to fight for the main prize - a trip for the entire team to Stockholm.

More information about LU sports night tournaments can be found on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lunaktsturniri/