As part of this school year, there will be an sports event tournament where students in self-created teams will be able to compete for valuable prizes by participating in as many LU sports and active recreation events as possible.

The competition will take place in 3 stages: 2 qualifying stages (each stage in its semester of the school year) and the grand final in May of 2023.

During the qualification stages, the involvement of teams and the results shown in all events organised by the sports Centre of the University of Latvia shall be taken into account. At each stage of the qualification, the attendance of the activities of a given semester and the results presented therein shall be assessed.

Teams from 6 to 10 participants can apply for the LU Student Cup, completing an electronic application questionnaire. You can apply for your team until the end of the second qualifying phase, but we remind you that registering your team membership faster and engaging in events will be an opportunity to earn more points. The name of the team applied for the tournament must match the name of the team applied for the student cup.

For each event hosted by the LU sports Center visited, the team gets 5 points. The team applied for in each tournament must consist of members of the team applied for the Student Cup.

In order to receive 5 points for participation in individual competitions and active recreation events such as student hike, at least 1 Member of the team applied for the student cup must participate in the particular event.

For outstanding achievements in LU sports tournaments and individual competitions, the team receives additional points in the overall Student Cup rankings.

In addition to the points, the team also has the opportunity to support sports teams from the University of Latvia. (Each team, participating in the LU Student Cup, gets the opportunity to attend LU Team Home games for free).

For every visit to the LU sports team's home game with a supportive poster and the name of their team on it, the team gets an extra 1 points in the Student Cup overall score. To get this point, one of the team members has to post a picture of the poster on their Instagram storyline and tag @LUsportacenter.

You can register your team by filling in the application questionnaire here.

LU Student Cup first qualifying stage events:

  • 3 x 3 basketball night tournament - September 15
  • Football Tournament - September 22
  • Beach volleyball night tournament - October 6
  • Student hike - October 22
  • Auto Photo orientation - November 4-6
  • Online power Championships - November (more details will follow)

Each semester, 4 teams will be selected who have collected the most points in total scoring. All 8 of the strongest teams will meet in the grand final at the end of the school year, in which they will fight for the title of the strongest team and a valuable major prize.