Open the doors of the University of Latvia (UL) Academic Centre and explore it to its core! The UL Academic Centre invites everyone interested to take a look at the Houses of Science and Nature from the inside, discover the view of Riga from the roofs of these houses, and find out who inhabits these buildings.

On 24 September, the Academic Centre offers an opportunity to visit the Houses of Science and Nature, see the largest glass art object in Latvia, find out what the so-called "atrium" looks like and what it is, get to know the faculties and institutes located in the Academic Centre, walk through the corridors and auditoriums, where UL students acquire new knowledge. The UL Sports Centre will brighten the visit with various activities for children and adults. The event will include various exciting, creative and sporting activities – every visitor will find something interesting here.

The visit will be particularly entertaining to those who like to observe the cityscape from above – during the tours, the visitors will have access to the roofs of the buildings to view Pārdaugava, Old Riga, and the construction site of the new House of Letters.

"The University is not a closed community that lives its life apart from the others. The University is a part of society that brings together those who learn, those who teach, and those who seek ways to learn and grow together. Our families, children, friends, cooperation partners, neighbourhood residents and even ordinary passers-by – everyone interacts with the University and contributes to its plans of growth," says UL Rector, Professor Indriķis Muižnieks. "By inviting everyone interested to visit the Academic Centre, we aspire to introduce people to the novelty, stimulate reflection on the experience, awaken ideas for the future – to build the University of the future together."

Everyone with an interest to take a look at the university and city from a new angle is welcome at the House of Science and Nature on 24 September from 11:00 to 14:00. No prior registration is required.