Close links unite the history of the University of Latvia (UL) and Latvian state. Both share the same idea of Latvia. Independence of Latvia is rooted in knowledge at various times acquired and continuously supplemented at the University of Latvia. The patrons have supported the University of Latvia since its founding, and today this support continues through the University of Latvia Foundation.

Aspiration to support fulfilment of a particular idea

It can be a donation to one’s faculty, to a research project, support to a scholarship in a particular study programme. The donor believes that the contribution will bring about positive changes both in near and distant future. Donation to education is an investment in the future, and attests to advancement and maturity of donor’s own personality.

Donor’s trust

The donor trusts the implementers of the idea, their passion and confidence. The University of Latvia lecturers also invite the patrons to partake in the implementation of the ideas. The patrons are delighted in the achievements. Positive emotions of this kind are essential to all of us. They raise and inspire.

Strengthening patriotism and feeling of belonging

Yearly donation strengthens the feelings of patriotism. Donating for the third, fourth consecutive year engenders a positive reflex. The patron can feel proud remembering the worthy causes and amounts donated to achieve them. Indeed, as the years go by and donations grow, the sense of belonging becomes stronger and devotion to one’s Alma mater increases. A donation of this kind is a testimony of affinity and esteem toward the University, even if a donor has completed the studies long time ago.

University of Latvia a temple of education

The university is a place safeguarding freedom of thought. Every assertion has to be substantiated. Every raised hypothesis must be proved critically and objectively. This temple and its guards – the academic values of lecturers – yield a surge of fresh air in everyday hurry and routine. Donors treat Alma mater employees and lecturers with dignity and respect.

Many hands make light work

The former scholars of the UL Foundation are among the most active donors, and they enable implementation of noble causes, attesting that many small contributions accumulate into amounts that allow carrying out beautiful projects: numerous small donations to the UL Alumni Trail; UL Business Idea Foundation; restoration of organ at the UL Great Hall. Every donation, regardless of its size, makes a difference.

Patrons write their names into the future

Would we remember Kristaps Morbergs or Minna Matilde Vilhelmīne Petkevičs, if they had not been among the University of Latvia donors that bequeathed their possessions to the great cause of education? Year by year, the number of Morbergs and Petkevičs scholars grow, and the lives of patrons are perpetuated through the students they have supported and achievements of these young, aspiring people.

To donate to the University of Latvia is an honour

The family of donors and supporters is intelligent, purposeful, bright in their thoughts and hearts. This fraternity is open only to those sharing the aforementioned insights.

The UL Foundation works in several particular directions: scholarships for outstanding students, support to study environment improvement projects and reconstruction projects. You can become a donor of the University of Latvia by contributing to an existing topical campaign on the donation platform or by contacting the UL Foundation office and Board to donate to a new initiative. The UL Foundation regularly updates the portfolio of UL project ideas that inspire patron support to noble causes.