In September, 2018 the University of Latvia (UL) hosted one of the most important legal forums in the European Union– the annual conference of the European Law Institute (ELI), which gathered more than 400 legal professionals. Following the conference, UL received an invitation to join the members of ELI and has now become an Institutional Observer of the organisation.

"Hundred years ago the UL Faculty of Law (FL) was built up in the spirit of European traditions and values. Up until now the Faculty has been working vigorously to continue the work of our founders, developing legal science in Latvia, serving for the needs of Latvia and its people, in the meantime always looking for new challenges internationally," explains the Dean of the UL FL, Associate Professor Anita Rodiņa. "Involvement in ELI opens a lot of opportunities on collaboration and implementation of different-level projects, further integration and involvement in the European legal environment," accents A. Rodiņa. The ELI is an independent non-profit organisation established to initiate, conduct and facilitate research, make recommendations and provide practical guidance in the field of European legal development. Building on the wealth of diverse legal traditions, its mission is the quest for better law-making in Europe and the enhancement of European legal integration. ELI is a membership-based organisation with a broad network of around 1,500 individual members and over 100 Institutional Observers. Its members are legal professionals, government officials, policy and decision makers and academics. Institutional Observers of ELI are consulted on a regular basis. They are entitled to propose project ideas and nominate representatives to join Advisory Committees and Members Consultative Committees. Due to their active participation in the work of the ELI, they play a crucial role in guiding the organisation in its quest for better law-making in Europe.