On November 9, 16:00 the University of Latvia Aula magna will host a concert to solemnly celebrate the centenary of Latvia.

The UL male choir “Dziedonis” under the leadership of choir's artistic director Uldis Kokars will perform the Latvian Mass “Daugava”, and its composer Mārtiņš Brauns will accompany the choir on keyboard instruments. In preparation for the 65th anniversary of composer Mārtiņš Brauns, the choir “Dziedonis” began a close collaboration with the composer, staging the Latvian mass “Daugava”. The Mass was adapted for the male choir especially for this jubilee. “The Mass “Daugava” is a highly requested piece of music, and the choir performs it with enviable regularity. Most often we perform it in celebration of our state anniversary. This year, too, “Daugava” will be performed at the UL in honour of the centenary of Latvia," says Uldis Kokars, artistic director of the choir “Dziedonis”. The UL male choir “Dziedonis” was founded in 1924. Its first collaboration with the University was implemented from 1950 to 1953, when, following the suggestion of Haralds Mednis, the male choir “Dziedonis” merged with the State University of Latvia male choir. The choir renewed its ties with the UL only in 1995, when “Dziedonis” became the UL Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optics choir. During its dynamic and artistic lifetime, “Dziedonis” has undoubtedly been the most active male choir in Latvia. Its collective creative activities have earned numerous awards; The choir's achievements are evidenced by prizes at several international choir competitions and festival awards. For example, the competition of choirs "Song Wars" held in June 30 of this year, the UL choir “Dziedonis” showed excellent results and won the Grand Prize of the festival. “Mārtiņš Brauns a good connoisseur of voice. One can even say – a kinsperson of voice, because only very much loved people can be presented with such beautiful creations as Mārtiņš' songs for one, two and many voices,” says Orests Silabriedis, the voice of Latvian Radio 3 “Classics”. He continues: “Even at the beginning of the second half of the 1980s, “Daugava” by Rainis seemed overwhelmingly provocative, although perestroika had already replaced stagnation. However, Valentīns Maculēvičs took the risk, and Rainis' “Daugava” was staged at the Valmiera Theatre. An unforgettable mystery was born, and the song "Sun, Thunder, Daugava" grew into a famed giant of Song Festival.” The University of Latvia family and friends are kindly invited to the concert on November 9!