ERAF project Development of the high accuracy gravity field model for Latvia including its sea territory

The anomalies of Earth gravitation field depicts the concentration of various layers in Earth core. The application of high precision Earth gravity model is important for many economic branches – geology, application of space related GNSS methods in geodesy and land surveying, maritime, etc. Currently for high precision gravity field model determination the data of different sources are used:  Global Earth gravitational field models, ground based gravimetric measurements, vertical deflection measurements applied by zenith camera, highest order levelling point data combined with GNSS applied height measurements above the Earth rotational ellipsoid, highly accurately positioned satellite altimetric measurements of the mean sea level.

Developing the project, all the data sets mentioned above will be obtained for the highest precision gravity anomalies model determination. Additionally, digital zenith camera measurements along the seashore and borders of Latvia, densification of the measurements in expressed zones of the anomalies of the gravity will be performed. Correction of satellite orbits by using measurements of the laser ranging system will be applied. The best available software will be used.

Total costs – 584901.91 EUR

Duration – 01.03.2017. – 29.02.2020.

Result – high accuracy widely usable model of anomalies of gravity field of Latvia and its sea economic zone.

Keywords: anomalies of gravity field, modeling of gravity, leveling, GNSS