PostDoc project: Investigation on accuracy improvement of automated zenith camera's VESTA deflection of vertical measurements

Project No:
Project supervisor (Post-doctorate): Inese Varna
Duration – 01.01.2021.-30.06.2023
Total costs – 111,504.90 EUR

The project objective is exploring the potential of new automated digital zenith camera (DZC) VESTA (VErtical by STArs):
1)  by testing it in various environments for investigation of anomalous refraction effect; anomalous refraction is the main limiting factor of ground-based astrometric observation’s precision, causing irregular angular displacements of observed stars.
2)  performing accuracy analysis in test site over 2 years to estimate spatio-temporal properties of measured gravitational deflection of vertical (DoV) values.

Results – accuracy enhancement of automated DZC’s VESTA DoV measurements and statistical characteristics on anomalous refraction. These results will be published in two scientific articles and presented at seven conferences. Four secondment visits are planned. New methodology and recommendations for the DZC observers will be created. New knowledge and skills will be gained by post-doctorate. Possible commercialization of the digital zenith camera VESTA will be promoted.