Participation at the conferences in 2018

16.-18.10.2018. Geodetic Week and InterGEO 2018 exhibition “QGeoid Computation of Western Part of Latvia, Parameter Estimation and Optimization Concepts for Gravity Field Determination”, K. Morozova, Frankfurte, Vācija

17.-21.09.2018. International Symposium Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2, "Preliminary results on Quasi-geoid of Latvia using Vertical Deflection observations", K. Morozova, Kopenhāgena, Dānija

03.-06.09.2018. General Assembly of the Nordic Geodetic Commission, “Preliminary results on qgeoid for Western part of Latvia using Digital-Zenith camera and DFHRS software”, K. Morozova, Helsinki, Somija

24.-29.04.2018. Interexpo GeoSibiria XIV International Exhibition and Scientific Congress "Ulaanbaatar Qceoid Computation, Parameter estimation and Optimization concept for Gravity field Determination", K. Morozova, Novosibirska, Krievija

12.-13.03.2018. Nordic Geodetic Comission (NKG) Working Group of Geoid and Height Systems, "Calculations of Qgeoid of Latvia including DoV", K. Morozova, Helsinki, Somija