In 2018, 50 GNSS/levelling points were measured and 140 Vertical Deflections were observed. Quasi-Geoid model for Kurzeme region has been computed and gravity measurements have been started with new Scintrex CG6 gravity meter. 71 GNSS/levelling points (41 first oder levelling points were observed by GGI staff and 27 first order levelling points were provided by Latvian Geospatial Information Agency), 98 vertical deflection observations and Global Geopotential Model EGM2008 http://icgem.gfz-potsdam.de/home were used for quasi-geoid determination. After some iterations, 12 fitting points were excluded from modelling because of gross errors in reproductivity (more than 3 cm).  


Published conference proceedings and articles:

1. Morozova, K., Jäger, R., Balodis, J., Silabriedis, G., Kaminskis, J., Kalinka, M., Balodis, K., Mitrofanovs, I. Preliminary results on quasi-geoid for Western part of Latvia using Digital-Zenith Camera and DFHRS V.4.3 Software In: Geophysica special issue 1/2019, NKG General Assembly, Geophysica (2019), 54(1), 61–68 http://www.geophysica.fi/pdf/geophysica_2019_54_morozova.pdf